Dressed Up Laundry with SK

Most know the difficulty in having a charming and efficient laundry room. They generally become a ground for hiding stuff. Piles of stuff...

This little narrow laundry was in need of much needed storage space. It had become the dumping ground for everything the owner didn't want to see. Out comes the scrap wood, saw, sander and chalk paint.

We found a 4x4 ft sq. piece of metal mesh in the field. We cut it into three sizes. One for the small laundry closet by the washer and the two top doors of  the big storage cabinet
Each cabinet was built from 1x12" pine. The big panel doors were built from scrap plywood.
I painted the cabinets interiors with a good quality glossy white paint. Easy to clean.
The small cabinet over the washer will hold all her laundry soaps etc.
Old Broken rakes, curly willow and bird houses adorn the cabinets.

The exteriors of both cabinets are painted with a deep chocolate and sanded back. The lower half of the big cabinet has hooks for work clothes and a muddy boot catcher floor mat.

We crown molded both cabinets and the wall between to make them look custom and built-in.

Three days of scrambling and the owner is thrilled to have her much needed storage. Yard chemicals, dog food and garden utensils will be stored in the big cabinet. Out of reach of little hands.

Thanks for visiting. sk on elderberry