Little Black Dress Chairs and a Little, Ohhh Shiny

These solid oak chairs had seen many years of red velvet and were begging for a facelift. We found them at a thrift store for twenty nine dollars. Score!

With thousands of brass nail heads the dismantling took forever. The fun stuff found under the fabric was disgusting.

The foam was in great condition so I didn't need to replace, which was a gift in itself.

They look like they could have come out of a boudoir in the red light district.

I painted the wood with a Hammered Bronze spray paint from Rustoleom.  As I started the silver leafing process I found I liked the random cracked effect better than a solid silver. This cracking shows the bronze undercoat.

Before starting the re-upholstering I painted black canvas with several different diamond black on black coats. After this was dry I began the damask process.

The pretty broaches were a final little flirty touch.  I outlined all the white graphics with a silver liner pen.

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