Painting Stripes With SK

I love striped walls.

 I just hate the whole taping process...So...I just made it easier on myself and still got the results.

These walls are very heavily hand textured. Trying to stripe them with any taping method is almost impossible. The tape will not stick to the nooks and crannies of this texture.

I painted the whole room with a satin based paint. I let it dry overnight. This particular color is called Satin-based Svelte Green from Sherwin and Williams. I also had my paint store mix a quart of the exact color in semi-gloss paint. This will be my stripes.
Using a 6' level, I taped the level into the corner of a 8.5 ft. piece of ninety degree metal corner. This metal corner is usually used in the application of sheetrock corners and corners of windows before taping and texturing.

I wanted my stripes to be 6'. I measured around the whole room, and with a pencil marked every 12".
With the level taped to the inside of this metal corner it now became an 8.5 ft. level. This makes it possible to lay this long homemade level on each mark, making sure it was plum and straight. I must say this is easier with two sets of hands.

Using a 6" paint roller, I run the roller filled with my semi-gloss paint along the outside corner edge of the metal.

Because of the heavy texture there is a hit and miss pattern that I really like.
This almost there look, is Imperfectly Perfect. My best effort of creating. Easy, fast and never being quite perfect.

Thanks for visiting. sk