Smiles and Groans

There are certain days it should be a law that you just stay in bed.  I have these just once in a blue moon, but this was certainly one of the days I should have taken precautions and at least stayed away from the old glue gun.

This old lamp shade has a great shape, but an old and stained silk fabric.
I thought I would try something new and clever. Oh Dear. Little did I know how difficult it is to create a nice lampshade. Maybe I should have done some studying up on the craft first. Naw. Not me.

I love the pattern and colors of  paper. Hey, thats a great idea cover a concave surface with something that cannot go with the flow. 

Looked horrible. But wait, maybe if I add some embellishments to the bottom and top it will look great. NOT!

I lived with it for maybe a half of a day. Nasty. I couldn't convince myself it was cool. My lifes work and creative skill is in jeopardy right now.

I made the monumental decision to start over. It took more time to strip the frame than to cover it in the first place, due to my exuberant glue gun techniques.

A razor knife and a few blue words latter I got it stripped. Paper, silk and glue flying.

 I had to use a razor knife t clean the frame Ok. Really it's that important to me to get this right? My pride and honor are at stake.  Found some quilt fabric left over from a more extensive project so here goes.

I don't like cutting fabric. I can never get it just right. So I tore these pieces in 2.5" wide lengths.

I had planned on gluing the fabric on the frame. Then I had the recollection of the last glue disaster. So thought tying might be a better option. Then if I hate it, I can remove these strips of fabric with ease.

I pulled the strips up from the bottom of the frame and proceeded to just tie them in a little knot on top.
The more I added the more fun it became.

I started adding beads and turquoise rocks to the ends of little ribbons. This gives it a little sparkle.
Not an amazing project, but something I needed to do to fix the horrific aftermath of the first try. This might not last long, but for right now it makes me smile. Now I can call my life complete....

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